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Who is Cavalier Darts

We started Cavalier Darts in 2016, with the goal of bringing novel, practical and reasonably darts and accessories for dart lovers all over the world, make convenient for small and medium darts wholesalers, in purchasing conveniently, and reducing inventory pressure.

Why created this brand

Many Chinese dart manufacturers have strong manufacturing capabilities, high quality, and reasonable prices. they have made great progress in designing and brand operations Recent years also. But most of dart lover outside China don’t understand this. We hope to tell you what happened here through Cavalier Darts and bring you better darts.

who is the founder

Tommy Chou, the founder of Cavalier Darts, his father originally ran a hardware factory from 2000, which produced a variety of hardware accessories including darts. After Tommy took over his father’s hardware factory in 2008, he began to focus on the design, production and sales of darts. He has a master’s degree in business administration, an international trade company executive experience, he is also a darts lover, has hardware production expertise, and he lead a team of more about 20 Team members to make good service for you.

What Cavalier Darts providing

Cavalier Darts provide wholesale business and retail sales, which the darts are new brand, reasonable price and high quality.

We love feedback and adamantly trust that a good company becomes a great company with the loyalty of its customers. So for that we thank you for stopping by.

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