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Introduction from Dart Board manufacturer

The Cavalier Traceless Dart dartboard has been designed and manufactured to ensure that the darts land exactly where they are intended to, which can eliminate distractions. With our dart boards, players can focus on the game like a pro, striving for accuracy and consistency. dartboard distributor partners with us to provide your customers with game-enhancing professional dartboards, instantly boosting your darts business.

dartboard manufacturer

Cavalier Darts Dart Board Manufacturer

Cvalier Dart is a leading brand in China’s dart industry, providing steel tip dart boards, electronic boards and other dart accessery products, with an area of more than 3,300 square meters factory. Since its establishment, it has been deeply involved in dart innovation and production.The factory is equipped with excellent equipment for dart boards, such as twine machines, drafting machines, automatic wrapping and cutting machines, and imported CNC polishing tables.The factory has 4 hemp dartboard production lines, 3 twine drawing lines and 2 dartboard cabinet production lines.

The surface treatment is excellent, using high-quality materials, in line with international standards.Strong dartboard customization ability, provide design personalized dartboard
Innovative tapeless dartboard, favored by customers.


Dartboards from our dartboard factory

Steel tip dartboards are made of African Afriacan sisal, Haian sisal, and Sisal Fiber, with excellent material surface treatment, and the product size is 18 “x1.5” (international standard size).

Service from dartboard factory

Reasonable price
According to the market dynamics to adjust the offer, to ensure that the price is reasonable and fair, to provide partners with considerable profit margins. After you contact us, we will send the latest price in time.


Flexible ordering
Accept small trial orders to meet the different needs of customers.


Fast delivery
Samples delivered in 7 days, bulk orders delivered in 20-30 days, the use of express delivery, air transportation and other fast delivery methods.

Considerate service
Certificate of Quality Analysis/Certificate of Conformity, Certificate of Insurance, Certificate of Origin and other necessary export documents to ensure the safe packaging and delivery of products. Provide one-on-one answer to customer’s questions, ensure to solve customer’s concerns.


Payment security
Accept a variety of payment methods, bank account, Western Union or PayPal payment, prepayment of 30%, a copy of the bill of lading after the payment of the balance.


Quality Assurance
Professional craftsmanship, guarantee product quality, after-sales maintenance, to ensure customer satisfaction.

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