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Dart Flight Protector(Dart Flight Savers ) is a very useful accessory. it’s main purpose is to strengthen the life of dart flights. This is because each dart impact may cause damage to the flght of the previous dart. The Flight Protector eliminates this risk to the greatest extent possible. Another benefit is that Dart Flight Protectors help to fix the dart blades at 90 degrees apart in each direction, which ensures a stable dart flight fly and thus improves dart scores.These Dart Flight Protectors ensure that your darts fly for as long as possible without damage, giving you top flight stability every time you throw. Take a look at our Dart Flight Protector now.

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How do I use flight protectors? Adjust your flight to spread its 4 wings at a 90 degree angle. Take out a flight protector and Clip it in the middle of the 4 wings, where the 4 wings meet. If your protectors are the same style, you should try to avoid changing the type of dart flight to make sure the protector will still suit for. flight protectors are generally used as usual practice, because they can minimize the damage of dart flights, but not much used in professional competitions, because the competition is based on scoring, reducing bounce-outs is the main purpose.dart-flight-protectors

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