dart flight protectors

What is a dart flight protector

Dart Flight Protector(Dart Flight Saver ) is a very useful accessory. Its main purpose is to strengthen the life of dart flights.

This is because each dart impact may cause damage to the flght of the previous dart. The Flight Protector eliminates this risk to the greatest extent possible.

Another benefit is that Dart Flight Protectors help to fix the dart blades at 90 degrees apart in each direction, which ensures a stable dart flight fly and thus improves dart scores. These Dart Flight Protectors ensure that your darts fly for as long as possible without damage, giving you top flight stability every time you throw.

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dart flight protectors

How do I use dart flight protectors

Adjust your flight to spread its 4 wings at a 90 degree angle.

Take out a flight protector and Clip it in the middle of the 4 wings, where the 4 wings meet.

If your protectors are the same style, you should try to avoid changing the type of dart flight to make sure the protector will still suit for.

flight protectors are generally used as usual practice, because they can minimize the damage of dart flights, but not much used in professional competitions, because the competition is based on scoring, and reducing bounce-outs is the main purpose. dart-flight-protectors

How do dart flight protectors work?

The working principle of dart flight protectors is to utilize high-density soft plastic materials to absorb the impact force of dart hits, effectively guide darts when striking the target, protect and extend the service life of dart flights and minimize the damage of darts dropping to the ground, which can enhance the flight stability of darts and achieve the protective effect.

1. Dart flight protectors can shield dart flights and prevent them from being easily ruined or misshapen. Since dart flights are the crucial components for darts to achieve balance and accurate flight mid-air, dart flight protectors can enhance the flight performance and precision of darts. 

2. Dart flight protectors are typically made of high-density soft plastic materials and designed to securely fit into the shape of dart flights and cover the exterior of the flight’s rear wings. Once the darts are fired, dart flight protectors can maintain the stability of the dart flights and decrease the vibration from the darts hitting the target, protecting the rear wings from damage.

3. Cavalier Darts dart flight protectors adopt an exceptional mechanical dispersion guidance design, which can effectively steer the chasing darts to slide from between the two wings to the dartboard, not only protecting the front dart wings but avoiding the damage from the next dart dropping to the ground.  

4. The use of dart flight protectors can greatly prolong the service life of dart flights, reduce the frequency of replacing rear wings due to damage, and lower the cost of use. 

Exceptional mechanical dispersion guidance design


dart flight protectors

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