how to choose the right darts for beginners


Darts is a highly personalized sport. In this sport, personal characteristics, preferences, and specialties can be clearly displayed. Choose the right darts is the beginning. how to choose the right darts? What is the right darts for newbies? Let’s introduce in detail how to choose darts for beginners:

We all know that the dart barrel is divided into three styles: straight barrel, wine barrel, and torpedo. With the emergence of many darts, many darts have gradually faded. The straight barrel has the characteristics of a wine barrel. The density of tungsten steel has increased. The center of gravity of the straight barrel dart catches up with the barrel. The main features are as follows.

  1, Straight: Straight dart is the most common type of dart in the game, characterized by the same maximum diameter before and after. Relatively longer length and thinner diameter. The density varies from 70% to 97%.

   2 wine barrels: thick in the middle, thin at both ends, shorter in length, and higher density of tungsten steel. Common ones are Taylor 5 with a density of 95%, Hamilton 97%, and John Law 90%.

  3 torpedo dart: thick front end, thin back, short length, the density of tungsten steel is about 80%~90%. Commonly used are Manli Dart, Wizard Dart, Dennis Dart, and so on.

how to choose the right darts

How to choose the right dart barrels, we recommend using a low-density straight barrel dart or a normal density torpedo dart. The former has a long center of gravity distribution and does not require high grip posture and hand posture. New dart friends only need to choose the pattern that does not skate. The recommended density for beginners is 80%~90%. If you use a 97% straight tungsten steel dart, the high density, short length, and short center of gravity result in high requirements for throwing skills, which will make your throwing difficult and easily deformed.

The center of gravity of the torpedo dart is distributed in the front of the dart, and its throwing accuracy is very high. However, due to the short distribution of the center of gravity, the grip posture is difficult to grasp, and the posture of each dart is slightly different. Chasing a dart is more difficult (for novices). In addition, the front end of the torpedo dart has a larger diameter. It is more difficult to hit 3 out of 180, because the first 2 darts will cover the target. The barrel dart is a master dart. Because the barrel is thicker, shorter, and denser, its center of gravity is extremely short. It has higher requirements for grip and shot. If you are careless, you will deviate from the direction. Non-experts should not try.

Even a novice will occasionally play good darts, but more often they have scattered darts and even float beyond the 2 divisions. So don’t be fooled by that occasional good dart and make the wrong choice.

Choose the right darts for beginners, it is better to borrow a friend’s darts for a week, if you can maintain the throwing density you just got in the next few days, you can buy the same style. If there is no senior dart friend around to guide, it is better to choose darts according to the length of your fingers, and try to be able to master the balance. Europeans have slightly larger body bones than those of the yellow race. We can choose from a certain celebrity model with our own height Similar darts.

The heavier the weight of the dart, the lower the requirements for throwing skills, the lighter the higher, this is why Japanese players use soft darts, why there are more torpedoes, the accuracy of torpedoes is high, which compensates for some unstable factors.

In addition to very individual styles of British darts, almost every style has a choice from 20g to 26g. We recommend that novices add 2 to 3g to the weight of the master when starting, basically, 23,24g is better. This choice can enable you to master the darts in your hand as soon as possible, and quickly improve your darts skills after a certain improvement.

how to choose the right darts, this is indeed a problem to be solved from the beginning. We recommend beginners choose darts with a length of 46mm~50m and a straight dart with a density of 80%~90%. our shop is available, welcome to shop now.

how to choose the right darts
how to choose the right darts

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