soft dart tips

soft dart tips

How to choose soft dart tips

If you are not a professional dart player, you don’t have to worry too much about the quality, usually durability is the first factor to consider.

Key features

Most Durable soft dart tips with premium pom plastic,
with 25+5mm length and 2BA thread
Fits most dart barrels
Available in various colors.
Can be adapted to a variety of dart barrel

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More about soft dart tips

Tips Length

Short tips tend to last longer because they are more difficult to bend or break.

the type of plastic, POM plastic tips have better resistance, less likely to deform or break, can have a longer life.
Shape design

Cavalier Darts soft dart tips are designed in three parts, the thread part near the barrel plays the role of connecting the barrel, the middle part of the tips is designed as a wide diameter cylinder, which can play a connecting role, the tip top part can be well inserted into the hole of the soft dart tray to play a solid role, so this soft dart tip is a good backup for you.

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plastic dart tips
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