Basic etiquette when playing darts

Darts is a casual sport that starts with a handshake and ends with a handshake, and has a big game component. It is important to take the game seriously and maintain a pleasant mental state without being too serious, restrained or serious.

  1. Before competing for hearts with the other player with proper humility, after competing for hearts the player may pull the dart for the other player. When handing a dart to your opponent, hold the tip of the dart and hand the body of the dart to your opponent. Both players should shake hands and say “Good Luck” to each other.

  2. Wait until the scorer is ready before throwing the dart.

  3. Keep your opponent quiet and do not move around during the game. There should be only one scorer between the player and the board, no one else should be in sight of the player. The other player should be 60 cm away from the other player and should not look behind the other player to see where the other player’s darts land or to report the other player’s score. After the other player has thrown a round, you may praise “good darts” (GOOD DARTS, NICE SHOOT).

  4. After throwing the dart yourself, wait until the scorer reports the score and confirms it correctly before pulling out the dart, or you can report the score yourself. If the venue allows, you should leave from the side of the board after pulling out the dart to avoid disturbing the other player and to protect your own safety.

  5. Don’t throw the dart in your hand after the dart has exploded. When you are not playing well, don’t throw the dart at random or hard, and show anxiousness.

  6. Do not complain about the scorer or the field under any circumstances.

  7. Don’t discuss others’ shortcomings or overly comment on others’ posture, and don’t be overly enthusiastic to instruct others on their posture when they haven’t asked you for advice. The above three situations are impolite and lack of cultivation behavior.

  8. Do not move or use your opponent’s darts.

  9. At the end of a game, shake hands with your opponent after you pull out the darts and say “thank you” or “good darts” (THANK YOU, GOOD DARTS), and the winner can say “I got lucky. I AM LUCKY.” (I AM LUCKY). Whether you win or lose, you have to show the appropriate attitude of the winner (the attitude after victory and defeat is the same).

  10. After the whole game, the team captain should lead all the players to shake hands with each other to greet each other, you can say “thank you”, “the game was good” (THANK YOU, GOOD GAME).

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