Dart shirts is an important etiquette of darts

The sport of darts requires a high degree of concentration, and also pays attention to the etiquette during the game. The performance is the next thing. Everyone must first understand the basic etiquette of darts, there are 9 Etiquette Of Darts below,and Dart Shirts is the most important one.

  • 1.Fist Bump & Handshaking

“Fist bump” punching originated from boxing in the late 19th century. Participants clenched fists and slammed each other with appropriate strength to show respect for their opponents. The game began… Nowadays, basketball, baseball, hockey and other ball sports, It is also very common. This action is even popular in the daily life of different countries. It can be used in greetings and celebrations. Before the start of each round of darts competition, opponents and teammates will punch each other, whether with one hand, both hands, or flicking with the side of the wrist after making a fist, it is a polite gesture.

Fist Bump darts
  • 2.Visual Interference

When a player throws, anybody can not cross the front of the dart target. If he wants to pick up a dropped dart, he must wait for the player to finish the throw. When a player prepares to throw a dart on the throwing line, other players must retreat to the back and keep a certain distance from them. In some events, the waiting area will even be regulated to reduce the interference of the player’s line of sight. During the game, the eyes of the players may not meet each other in order to make themselves more focused, but this is a personal habit and is not mandatory.

  • 3.Voice Interference

When the opponent’s throwing line prepares to release the dart, other players behind should not speak or make noise. When the opponent has a good performance, you can give verbal praise after finishing drawing the dart. Taiwanese players often say “good dart”, “Nice”…the crowd watching the game, please don’t hesitate to encourage the players, and the players can also complete the round. Throw 3 darts, or after the bid ends, give applause and cheers!

  • 4.Rhythm Interference

In some competitions, players are required to complete the throw within a certain period of time, and usually require the first dart to be thrown within 20-30 seconds. Even if there are no special rules in the game, players should not deliberately delay time and affect the opponent’s rhythm.

  • 5.Preparation

The hard target game will set a scorer. After the player finishes the dart, he must wait for the scorer to report the score and confirm that the score is correct before drawing the dart; the soft target machine must complete the drawing of the dart before pressing the button alternately and turn around The side of the dart board returns to the waiting area. Players who continue throwing should not be positioned too early. They should wait until the player in front of them draws the dart and the scorer finishes scoring before they walk on the throwing line.

  • 6.Emotion Control

When you or your teammates are in poor condition, you should control your emotions, maintain the demeanor of a sportsman, and avoid venting your dissatisfaction through various behaviors.

  • 7.Deliver Dart

Completing the Cork dart or helping other players pick up the fallen dart. When returning it, it is like the basic etiquette of delivering scissors. The head of the dart is facing oneself and the tail is submitted to the opponent. This is a safe and polite action.

  • 8.Practices

Before the start of most events, players will practice throwing 6 darts, and players should abide by the rules of the game. Practice on the machine without inserting coins. It is commonly known as “empty dart”. Although most dart shops will not ban it, you must still respect yourself and give priority to dart friends who plan to pay to play darts. To play darts, you must learn the correct throwing method, and you must not use the method and strength of throwing baseball to play darts… Whether soft or hard targets, it may cause injuries in a playful attitude, and it will also cause darts and machines Damaged. Throwing darts while drunk, or playing darts while smoking are dangerous and disrespectful behaviors of darts.

darts dress beautiful girl
  • 9.Dart Shirts

For formal competition Dart Shirts, the top must be tailored with a collar. Polo shirts are more common, but there are also zip-style darts. In order to take into account safety, most competitions will require long trousers, and shoes must also cover the soles of the feet, leather shoes and sports shoes are OK, sandals and slippers should be avoided. Hats are not allowed in official dart competitions. The reason stems from the traditional etiquette of European countries. It is considered impolite to wear a hat indoors… In today’s dart competitions, if there are regulations for hats, most of them are for mutual confirmation of identities without disturbing the smooth darts. Special rules including the prohibition of wearing headphones are based on the rules of each event.

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