Does New buy sisal dartboard crack? Should you return it to wholesale dart board suppliers?

When you receive the sisal dartboard from a dartboard supplier, maybe the best dartboard brand or wholesale dartboards from dartboard manufacturers, you are very excited and can’t wait to open the box, but when you notice the strange cracks on the surface of the dartboard, your excitement will soon disappear, is there a quality problem? need to return or refund? So, is the cracks of the dartboard a quality problem?

These cracks do not represent any damage. These are usually the manifestation of nice dartboards, which are not seen on cheap, low-quality dart targets. Therefore, you can even consider it as one of the features you should look for when buying a dart board.

After you have a preliminary understanding of the production of sisal dart targets, you will have a deeper understanding of the causes of cracks.

Dart hemp targets are made of hemp, but not all sisal is the same, and the texture of sisal may vary. One of the most widely used types of sisal is African sisal, which is known for its durability, elasticity and visibility.

In the production process of the sisal dart target in dart dartboard manufacturers, the workers collect and clean the sisal fiber, weave it into a thread; then wrap the sisal very tightly and cut it into small pieces; then assemble these small pieces into a ring, Then compress them and compress them together; after that, glue them to the bottom of the board; after the glue dries, you will see a very rough dart board; therefore you need to sand to make the surface of the board smooth.

The edges where the different closely packed sisal blocks meet and complete the crack formation on the dart target.

These cracks are a natural result of the method of making darts.

The shape of the cracks can be different and can be found on the entire board, which in fact reflects the real material of the raw material of the dart target.

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