Dart throwing technique which improve your dart score instantly

We all know that there is no uniform dart throwing stance, a perfect dart stance is a combination of positioning and balance.But we need know important below dart throwing technique that will improve our game immediately.

1. A solid stance dart throwing technique of feet

We often see a beginning player make the mistake of leaning forward when they throw, sometimes they kick up their hind legs when they throw, or their body wobbles, this is a bad throwing habit. The less we move parts of our body, the lower error of the dart hitting the target. So, the first thing we need to do is have a good solid stance, focus on your feet as you walk towards your dart line, assume a good stance, put your primary weight on your front foot and your secondary weight on your back foot, that will keep you balanced and this will ensure that my body doesn’t wobble when I throw, This is the basis of proper dart throwing technique.

2. Keep your upper arm stable– dart throwing technique of upper arm

This is the next dart technique we need to focus on, as we retract our arms with the dart we need to concentrate on our arms, the upper arm part needs to stay still. Some people lower their arms or bring their arms up when they throw, the same reason is the less we move things the fewer mistakes we make, So in regular practice, we need to work on a solid stance and moving our arms back and forth (keeping the upper arm stable), even if we are not holding the dart in our hand we need to make sure we have a good solid stance and correct arm movement.

3. The hand follows the dart out– dart throwing technique of forearm

The next thing to get proper dart throwing technique need to focus on is our follow action, many darters do not follow through with their darts pointing at the target, the hand stops as the dart leaves their hands. What we need to do is firstly still maintain a solid stance with your arm up and just move your forearm, as you throw the dart leave your arm, go on swing forward with the inertia, and point at your target, if your target is bullseye you point your arm at the bullseye of the dartboard. We need to focus completely on the target, that will help us hit the target and force our arm to follow through.

4. Strong self-confidence– dart throwing technique of mental

Strictly speaking, this is not a physical but rather a mental technique. You don’t think there is anything wrong with your darts, then you will confident with your darts. If you don’t think you will hit the target you want, you won’t hit your target, if you have confidence that you will hit your target every time, you will have a better chance of hitting it. So darts is very much a mental sport, if you have a bad game mentality, you will be out and you will not get better, if you are confident with every dart you throw out, you will get the best dart throwing technique to hit your target.

Ok guys, do you have own better dart throwing techniques, feel free to comment below.

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