how to use a dart sharpener keep darts sharp

This is an exclusive guide for steel tip darts players on how to use a dart sharpener, friends only soft tip darts can ignore it.

1. Why does the tip of darts become un-sharp?

In the process of playing darts, after many times of projection, the friction between the tip and the dartboard, there may also be a rear-end collision between the darts, or the dart can be braided from the dartboard and shot onto the surrounding wall, or fall to the ground. All of them more or less damage the tip of the darts, causing it to become un-sharp, and even barbs are produced.

2. The impact of the un-sharp tip of a dart

This directly makes the darts look less beautiful than when they are newly bought, and it also affects the performance of the player. If the tip of the dart has barbs or bifurcations, even if it is too small to see with the naked eye, it will also damage our dartboard. , It may bring out the hemp of the dartboard when drawing the dart, reducing the service life of the dartboard, high-quality dartboard is expensive, which is especially important for how to use a dart sharpener.

3. how to sharpen darts

There are some methods as below:

A. Try to regulate throwing darts. Even a beginner, try to shoot the darts in range of dartboard, because if it exceeds the dartboard, the tip of the dart may suffer two big damages, one hitting the wall and the other falling to the ground. In order to avoid this, we can put a dartboard surround around your dartboard, (you can find it out On our shore). When there is no dartboard surround, you can put appropriate buffers around and directly under the dartboard, such as newspaper or thin woods, so as not to hit the wall and floor when throwing the dart.

Polish on the concrete floor

B. Polish on the concrete floor. You can place the tip of the dart against the ground from time to time and gently pull it at a certain angle to repair the damage of the tip by friction. This method is suitable for experienced dart players because the cement floor will be rougher. With large particles, novices are prone to lack of experience and excessive polishing, which can cause damage to the tip of the dart. At the same time, it will also affect the symmetry of the tip and affect the throwing performance.

Use a dart professional sharpener stone

C. use a dart professional sharpener stone. For solving how to use a dart sharpener, this is the most important we can polish dart tip with a professional sharpening stone. The particles of the dart are fine and uniform, which can well protect the dart tip. At the same time, the arc shape design can well protect the symmetry of the dart tip even for novices. The polished dart tip of the dart stone not only protects your dartboard well but also improves your throwing performance.

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