What is ”double in” and “double out” in darts and how to play

The “double in” and “double out” in darts represent the beginning and ending of a dart game. This is a requirement for the starting and ending darts of the 01 games, please refer to the Darts score chart and below for more details.

  • Rounds in Dart Playing

The dartboard is 18 inches in size and is divided into 20 sectors with corresponding scores. The center of the board is divided into the red center and the green center, 25 points for the green center and 50 points for the red center. The game is usually played for two players or two teams, each with three darts per round, and each dart has to touch the board to count if touching the board and falling off does not count as a score. The number of rounds played varies depending on the rules of the comparison, and the game is played by subtracting the score from the original score, the first one to reduce the score to zero wins.

Darts score chart
  • What is “double in” meaning

Take the most popular 501 tournaments, for example, both teams start with a score of 501. By throwing three darts each round, the total score is subtracted from the sum of each round to get an exact zero for the winner. The game can be “double-start” (also called “double-in”), which requires the dart player to start in the double score zone, or “straight start” (also called “straight-in”), which starts in the single score zone, depending on the rules of the game, that depending on the agreement between the two teams or players on the rules of the game.

  • What is “double out” meaning

Games may also be played as “double out” (“double finish”) or “straight out” (“straight finish”), however “straight out” is extremely rare. Games of 301 and 601 are typically played as double in and double out. While games of 401, 501, and 1001 are typically played as straight in/double out.

  • Three notes about the “double out”

  1. Try to play in the high score area at the beginning of the game. As “double out” is a score deduction game, and the last dart should end with the double area, have experience in the opening game generally focus on 17, 18, 19, and 20 triple areas, because their score is more than red bull eye 50, can speed up the deduction to the end.
  2. find a backup for the missteps. Generally, the last remaining 32 points, if missing left 16, again missing left 8, and so on 4, 2, 1. but you can not play particularly off, such as 16 to 19, our discussion will be meaningless.
  3. Be familiar with darts double out chart. You don’t have to memorize all of the darts checkout charts, but familiarity with them will give you the flexibility for the final “double out”, which is a necessary path to the master. There is a 501 out chart below that you can download and keep next to your dartboard, look at it frequently while playing darts, you will get familiar with it quickly.

Good dart and good luck!

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